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Why choose CCA?
Crystal Canyon Academy offers programs to assist students, with both, passing the GED® test or earning their high school diploma. Whether the student's goal is to earn a GED® test certificate of completion or a high school diploma, we will have a course to meet their needs. Our goal, here at Crystal Canyon Academy, is to help our students succeed. Our staff is readily available to assist our students if they have questions regarding the courses, payment plans or continuing education plans. We are here as more than just a school, we are invested in the success of our students.
Where do I get a free GED®
Unfortunately, the GED® test is currently not offered free of charge. We have been unable to locate any facility that offers a free GED® test. There are various websites that offer free GED® test preparation, however, the actual testing requires a payment and is based on the individual state and their requirements. Each state also has different requirements to be eligible to take your GED® test. We suggest you check with the GED Testing Service® to ensure you have the appropriate information required to take the GED® test, prior to scheduling your test date.
How do I get my high school diploma online?
It is now more common than ever to earn a high school diploma online. People all over the U.S. who haven't finished traditional high school are realizing that they can get their high school diploma online. Getting a high school diploma online is giving millions of people the opportunity to apply for the job that they want or continue on with their educational goals. If you are an individual who has realized that without a high school diploma, there is a struggle to find the right job or continue on with an education, then maybe online high school classes are the right choice. It is important that the individual choose the right program to fit their needs. Our accelerated classes will help you earn you diploma fast. Learn More >>

Welcome to Crystal Canyon Academy

At Crystal Canyon Academy we offer a range of programs that will help you meet your educational goals. In 2013, according to the Pew Research Center, over 2 million high school students made the decision to drop out of school. There are many reasons why an individual is unable to complete high school in a traditional setting, but it doesn't mean that the chance to become a high school graduate is over. Our programs were specially designed for the individuals that are looking for a fast way to earn their high school diploma. In addition to our online high school diploma programs, we now offer free online GED® practice exams!

In the past, there were many jobs out there that anyone could apply for, whether or not they had a high school education. In the present day, even retail jobs are asking for a minimum, high school education. While this may make it harder for individuals without a diploma to get by, we have programs that can start them off to a better future. Our accelerated classes make the road to our student's educational goals, a much quicker one!

Once enrolled the student is allowed to take each exam at their own pace, the exam will not be timed and they can stop and continue as much as needed. By doing this, we have found that our students are able to finish and aren't rushed, but on the other hand, can also finish as quickly as they want. We have students who receive their diploma package in as little as a few days. Through Crystal Canyon Academy's flexibility with our programs, students who thought they wouldn't have time to practice for the GED® test online or earn a diploma with their schedule, have found that they can and they are!

GED® Practice Test and High School Diploma Programs

Crystal Canyon Academy has been helping individuals like yourself for many years, by not only allowing students to get their online high school diploma but, also by offering a free online GED® preparation course. For those individuals who are preparing to take the GED® test, our free online tests will help the individual figure out what subjects they may need more practice in.

For those individuals that opt for our high school diploma program instead, our four step diploma program not only allows the individual to complete all the tests online, but it can be done at a pace that is comfortable to the student. Currently, the GED® test is not administered online. Our two diploma options come with the support of the friendly staff in our education and career growth departments. We know that the decision to complete high school was an important one and want this to be stress free and easy experience. In addition, we encourage you to prepare and study for the GED online from your computer to be prepared and ready for the actual test in person.

Brand New Payment Options Crystal Canyon Academy Offers

We now offer even more payment options to fit every student's needs! Many of our students have other expenses in addition to their school payments, that's why we created a custom plan option that will be created based on the student's needs. While most of our students use our Option 1 payment plan, it is solely up to the individual. If for some reason a question should come about please contact our staff, they are happy to assist in choosing the payment plan that best fits the needs of the student. Click here to see our payment plans we offer.

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For students that need to prepare for the GED® test, Crystal Canyon Academy's free GED® online practice test has been known to provide great examples of questions that may be asked on the actual GED® test. Our free online GED®/high school diploma exams tests are student's knowledge and skill level in Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. Crystal Canyon Academy's free online diploma tests have assisted thousands of students in getting their diploma or General Education Development prep to take the GED® test. With our program, the typical person who can't fit in taking their GED® test classes in person can now successfully study and feel confident they will conquer the mission.

Crystal Canyon Academy's 2015 Programs

Crystal Canyon Academy is excited to offer our newly updated programs for 2015. We have updated both of our programs and now even offer a free study guide option. With the free study guide, whether the student chooses to enroll in our Simple Diploma Program or our Platinum Diploma Program, they will be able to study the courses prior to taking the exams. It follows question by question on the exam in all four categories. Enroll in our programs for free and get immediate access to the courses. Our programs are both designed to mirror as best as possible the GED® test but be online and offered from anywhere you wish to access your account. The possibilities the future can lead to are endless with your Crystal Canyon Academy high school diploma.

Proof of Education Completion

All of our students who successfully complete and purchase either diploma package are entitled to verification of education completion service. If you chose to take our Simple Diploma program and graduated you can use your free email veriication of education completion service at the time you choose. It will not expire and it can be used as soon as you have paid for your package. By graduating our Platinum Diploma Program you are entitled to an email verification of education completion service and a phone verification of education completion service. These two different verifications can be used on two different places so keep that in mind when making your request to have them fulfilled. Our graduates can also purchase extra verification services if needed from our Store Page.

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