Guide To Buying Pool Covers

A swimming pool is a great way that one can keep fit, stay healthy and provide hours of entertainment for anyone who owns one. It is important to have some safety, care, and maintenance requirements to guarantee the pool is a safe place. A way that is commonly used is to cover the pool. A pool cover is a great way of protecting the pool when one is not using it. Covering the pool will protect the water from unwanted debris like leaves, insects, and twigs.

Furthermore, it will also help control water temperature and reduce the amount of water lost by evaporation. It is advised to have a pool cover that is at least 3 feet larger than the pool opening; this ensures that there is enough room to secure the cover to the sides of the pool. There are a variety of pool covers and different materials used, due to the function it serves.

Pool Cover Guide

Leaf Pool Coverprivate pool

This type of cover is made of a lightweight fabric that is placed on top of the pool. Leaf nets are made to prevent and keep leaves and debris from entering and away from the pool. This covers are designed as pool maintenance tools and not as safety covers. Likewise, it is not safe to walk on. Maintenance of the cover is done by drying and storing in a dry and cool place preventing the growth of mold.

Safety covers

The cover is designed to prevent the unauthorized use of the pool and drowning. They are considered as safety devices. This covers are relatively expensive and have to meet some vigorous tests to have the required standards. Such covers are placed tightly across the pool top and fasten tightly to remain firm.

Solar Covers

This type of cover uses the sun’s energy to conserve water. The covers look like a large sheet of plastic bubble wraps. The pockets of air in between is what is used to capture the sun’s heat. Such covers are not safety covers and cannot keep debris away.

Automatic Pool Covers

indoor poolAlso, know as electric pool covers run with the turn of a key. The serve as both safety and maintenance covers. They may not be ideal for all pools for they run on a parallel system to the pool.

When considering to buy a pool, it is important to know what function you want. Do you want safety or maintenance or both? This will guide you on looking for the best pool covers.Moreover, look for covers that have a warranty from the manufacturer.