How to deal with your wet basement

Living in a house is great. You have a lot of space to do many things; living with someone else, have a garden, host gatherings, host parties, and much other stuff. But the bigger your living space is, the more complicated it gets when it comes to maintenance. If you are living in an apartment or condo, the developer and the one who is in charge can take care of any damage that happens to the building. But in a house that you own, you are responsible for any damage that you get. Including anything that happens to your roof, chimney, walls, floors, and in this case, basement. If you noticed that the wall near your foundation has mold or mildew, cracks, and it looking damp than you probably have a wet basement. This condition needs to be treated right away since if you let it be it will affect many other aspects of your house. Do not stress over it, here we have compiled a list of things to do and be the solution.

Find a waterproofing contractor in your area

laptop and coffee on the tableLook for a trusted contractor in your area. You need to find a local one because then it will be easier to deal with follow-ups if anything occurs in the future. Ask your neighbors and simply go to the internet to find a trusted company with a good review. You can type something like leaky basement waterproofing in Toronto and the results there will be options for businesses that you can choose. Make sure that you pick the one with the best work ethic and results.

Call and set a date

old telephoneOnce you have decided on which contractor to call, there are some things to pay attention to before you call. When are you available for the person to come, is there anything that supposed to take place in your house on that day, and don’t forget to ask those who live with you as well to make sure that if not you someone will be home when the guy comes.

Sit back and relax

girl sleeping with a dogFrom there, mark the date on your calendar and just relax. The contractor will take it from here and help you to fix the problem. The work should prevent this from happening again in the future and not just repair it, but to understand why it happened in the first place it’s important for you to ask questions and take notes on what to avoid doing in the future.